Tips for buying at auction

By Robert Skeen Auctioneer

~ Indicate your interest early in the property to the selling agent. With the real estate market being so hot you might miss out on the property with it selling prior to auction

~ Be in a position in the auction that the auctioneer can see you so he doesn't miss your bid and you don’t miss out on the property. Also you can see your competition clearly and you can see any weaknesses in the body language or hear their verbal language

~ Go for the knock out bid. A lot of auctions will start slowly and people get into a rhythm and gather momentum.By doing the knockout bid it scares your competitors off straight away

~ Bid confidently and loudly.Look as if you have pockets as big as Jamie Packer, this tactic intimidates the other bidders and portrays you will pay whatever it takes to win the property.

~ Always make sure you are the highest bidder this gives you the first right to negotiate exclusively with the agent should the property be passed in at auction or if it does not reach the reserve